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Benjamin Spak

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Start programming using any tool, book, or course you come across. I like Code Academy, Code Camp, and the Head First book series.

The only stipulation; code 3 minutes and 1 second per day for 301 days. Wait! What? Why so little? Check out the FAQ below.

To join in, use the #301DaysOfCode hashtag on any social network to tell people how much ass you are kicking this year!

Feeling a little crazy? Good! Join me on my other challenges for the year.

Big thanks to @AliCat_html for making us a badge.

Want to show you are coding for #301DaysOfCode? Put one of these badges on your portfolio and link back to this page so visitors can see how dedicated you are!

Download the zip, it has the .svg .png and .jpg versions.

Want to go from code noob to employed front-end developer in less than a year?


Only code for 3 minutes 1 second per day, are you crazy?!

Of course, I am! But so is the human mind. Did you know that you are more likely to stick with a habit if you keep the barrier to entry low? Just like with exercise we are not trying to max ourselves out every day. Start small with 3min 1 sec. If you only did that; great! If you want to do longer for that day, even better 😉

I have failed at coding in the past, why would I be crazy enough to try to code for 301 Days?

Did you try small steps every day? Were you part of a community that could help with this difficult skill? 301 Days of Code seeks to make those hurdles less daunting and more manageable. Read through our other FAQ questions for more info.

The creator of the comic Dilbert has some great advice regarding goals. Scott Adams Connect 2014 Keynote (Video)

I think I should join #301DaysOfCode . But it seems I'm behind, can I still join?

Totally, amego! Join any time of the year. The vision of #301DaysOfCode is to get you coding consistently and land you a developer job – if you want one. Everyone is starting at different times and may be working on their own projects. Join us in the consistent code movement 🙂

Why 301 days? Why not 365?

We spend 301 days learning to code. The remaining 64 days of the year are focused on landing a front-end developer job.

Cheers is you got the 301 redirect reference 😉

I'm doing #100DaysOfCode can I do #301DaysOfCode too?

Of course my friend! Most people doing #100DaysOfCode are also doing #301DaysOfCode.

100 days is focused on getting you to form a coding habit. Which is awesome, but requires you to know Git right from the start.

301 days is focused on taking you from knowing nothing to landing a front-end developer job within a year. We cover HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, Command Line, Git and JavaScript.

Can I market or mention #301DaysOfCode?

Absolutely! We’re all about getting new coders on board. When you create something please use our hash, or link to this page so more people can join us ^_^


January 2017

10 Jan 2017 – #301DaysOfCode Got retweeted by @Codecademy
10 Jan 2017 – First #100DaysOfCode user @realcarriefay redirected to #301DaysOfCode
10 Jan 2017 – Scott Spence set up a 301 Days Of Code journal template for us.
11 Jan 2017 – #301DaysOfCode now autofills on Twitter search.
13 Jan 2017 – SuperCoderBot by Emanuel Quimper is now tweeting with the #301DaysOfCode hash as well as #100DaysOfCode.
15 Jan 2017 – We now have a vanity URL. 301DaysOfCode.com will bring you to this page.

  • Matambaka

    I’ve bookmark your page and following your progress as I want to learn coding/web design too 🙂

  • Rohan Gayen

    I am good at programming but feel problem in program organisation and designing… how can I improve this?

  • turgunovm

    sounds interesting