Entrepreneurial Experience

Benjamin Spak

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What I am focused on

Daily Ritual: My perfect day.
Quarterly Objectives: What I am doing now.
What I am doing for the year: My 2017 objectives.

Ventures I am currently engaged in:
Pop Via – Freelance Web Design. ~ 2011
Key Takeaways: Some clients are great! Others, not so much. Always get everything in writing. Have a business lawyer on your payroll from the get go to save money collecting from deadbeat clients.

How to Master SEO – Udemy ~ 2015
Key Takeaways: Making engaging in-depth content is a challenge, but it positively impacts so many lives.

WP Wonk – WordPress Maintenance and Support. ~ 2016
Key Takeaways: Stick with your core competencies. Create a business that cab scale easily. Partnerships are key if you want to grow. Choose a business model that allows for resellers. Stick with an idea, you don’t have to be passionate to be profitable.

Experience I have gained

I have “failed” at many ventures in life. In the past, I regarded these stumbling blocks as a negative, but I’m slowly learning to see it merely as experience.

Ventures I tried in the past:

Zen Startups – Startup advice blog. ~2007
Key Takeaways: Domain squatters are a real thing. Don’t mention am original name before you register the .com or you’ll be stuck with the .net version.
If you built it, they will not just show up. You have to market.

CorpHacks – Discounts on popular tech items & hardware hacking. ~2007
The Man Law – Tips for how to be a well-rounded person. ~2007
Key Takeaways: Friends are encouraging but rarely make helpful or motivated business partners.

Nerdious – Tech news. ~2008
Internet Business Boy – Internet Business How to Blog. ~ 2008
Key Takeaways: When you are consistent with your content you will gain loyal followers, even if it’s just a few core fans.
Rapid expansion into untested technology (buddy press) is a large time waster and disheartening. Remain focused on your core competencies, and objectives at first.

Tricky Devil – Domain Sales. ~ 2011
Fell Host – Web Hosting. ~ 2011
Beats Pimp – Instrumental Clip Community. ~2011
Key Takeaways: Competition is fierce. Even if you have a good idea it is rare you will succeed in a crowded market selling a commodity good/service. Focus on how your business is different, rather than the same.

Forcing Function – SEO Agency. ~ 2012
Key Takeaways: SEO is a powerful tool, but you’ll spend most of your time teaching clients, and battling the negative impressions black hat SEOs instill in clients.

Kovoke – Network for business coaches. ~ 2015
Key Takeaways: You’ll have a high turnover rate if customers do not see the implicit value of your service. Build what the market needs, not what you want to sell them.

Seize Success – Advice for entrepreneurs. ~ 2016
Key Takeaways: Don’t give away advice to those who need to fail and gain experience for themselves. Otherwise, you’re an entertainment company, not a game changer.

Skills I have picked up

During my journey, I have learned about my strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and needs. I have been able to pick these skills up along the way:

Market a business.
Brand a business.
Register an LLC.
Write web design contracts.
Build a community with WordPress.
Appeal to a target audience.
Search Engine Optimization
Database Design
Wordpress CMS
Boot Strap
Ruby on Rails
Color Psychology
Project Managment
IT Support
UI Basics
Deign Basics

Tools I continue to use

Google Suite
Sublime Text
Git Hub
Google Analytics
Google Ad Words
Google Ad Sense