Joe Rogan On creativity & Flow States

Great talk!

Breaks down micro and macro-flow.

One point that stuck with me – time seems to be a concept/perception of the prefrontal cortex.

When you go into a flow state you prefrontal cortex become less active; similar to a psychedelic state or meditative state.

During the flow state, your body reduces Cortisol levels – your stress hormone – causing you to become more calm, relaxed, and focused.

In an attempt to get into the flow state while I work I focus on my breathing.

My goal is to reach a pseudo flow state that will enhance creativity and clarity of thought.

I find focusing on my breath while working to be a bit of a chore – if I haven’t been doing it consistently when I sit down to work.

On the plus side, after a couple of weeks, deep breathing and the likelihood of trigging a flow state becomes more effortless as the habit is formed.

I wonder what benefits one would see if they maintaining this habit for 6 months while learning and programming.

Towards the end of the video – about 23 min mark – Rogan & Kotler start talking about techniques that have helped them get into a flow state.

Listening to a song on repeat is an approach that I’ve heard from a few sources. Most notably Tim Ferriss

Joe Rogan and Steven Kotler discuss the creative process and flow states. Taken from JRE #873. Full episode

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