YouTube Playbook – Draft v1

Table on Contents

  1. Thumbnails
  2. Titles
  3. Phrase & Color Psychology Map
  4. Call to Actions (CTAs)
  5. Video Content
  6. Income
  7. Youtube Checklist

1. Thumbnails

  1. Pick a color that clashes with red (color psychology).
  2. Has a face (trust).
  3. Compelling numbers (trust).
  4. Has a familiar logo (trust).
  5. Use an icon to denote video type (clarity).

1. Color Psychology

2. Has a Face

3. Compelling Numbers

4. Has a Familiar Logo

5. Icon For Video Type

2. Titles

  1. User Power Words
  2. Max Title Length 50 Characters (before truncated)


LEARN From Your MISTAKES <-- 25 Characters
5 Pieces of Life-Changing ADVICE From Mel Robbins <-- 49 Characters
How to ALTER Your BELIEF System <-- 31 Characters
Discover the SECRET to HAPPINESS in 12 Minutes <-- 46 Characters

3. Phrase & Color Psychology Map

Crazy Weird Odd
Insane Wild Wacky
Unique Beast  

Color: Orange

Secret Discover Trust
Untapped Reveal Steal
Uncover Elite  

Color: Black

Difficult Crush Unleash
Dominate Powerful Strong
Challenge Influence Fight

Color: Red

Vision Imagine Believe
Dream Quest Journey
Saga Awaken Wise

Color: Purple

How to Smart Tactics
Strategy Skills Rules
Method Technique Laws

Color: Blue

Grow Expand Open Up
Gain Earn Create
Start Next  

Color: Blue

4. Call to Actions (CTAs)

Subscribe Verbal CTA @ 2 minute mark. Secret Link @ 4 minute mark. Income Generator @ 7 minute mark. Bell Icon @ 10 minute mark. Social Links @ 12 minute mark. Outro Videos Final 30 seconds.

5. Video Content

6. Income

Plug 1 income generating item per video (most relevant) up to 3 times - max.

Affiliate Programs


Wes Bos, Skill Share, Tree House, Udemy, Plural Sight


Lambda, Springboard, Coursera, Open Classrooms


UX Reviews, Coaching

7. Youtube Checklist




Title Thumb Description
Catchy Short Secret Link
Short Face Chat Topic
Bold Logo Hashtags